Edward and Deborah Pollack are well known for collecting and dealing in fine 19th and early 20th century American art. They specialize in Florida paintings, especially by artists such as Orville Bulman, Hermann Herzog, Laura Woodward, Anthony Thieme, and other fine Florida artists of the 19th and early 20th century. There are several other artists associated with Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art as well.
If you are interested in purchasing or selling a work by one of the following artists please contact us:

Aleen Aked
Marion Boyd Allen
Ben Austrian   
William Bliss Baker  
James Carroll Beckwith
Johann Berthelsen  
Albert Bierstadt   
Frank Myers Boggs 
Adolphe Borie   
Rae Sloan Bredin 
John Bunyan Bristol 
Alfred Thompson Bricher   
Cora Smalley Brooks   
John George Brown   
Karl Albert Buehr   
Orville Bulman   Examples of Bulman paintings for sale
David Davidovich Burliuk  Example in our current exhibition  
Armin Buchterkirch
William Vincent Cahill
Samuel S Carr   
William Chadwick
James Wells Champney
William Merritt Chase   
Edwin Burrage Child  
Paul Cornoyer
William Worcester Churchill  
Bruce Crane 
Jasper Francis Cropsey   
Charles Courtney Curran
S. S. David   
Mauritz Frederik De Haas Example in our current exhibition    
Herbert Denman    Example in our current exhibition
Frank H Desch  
Arthur Vidal Diehl
John Henry Dolph  
William Staples Drown   
Edward Dufner  
Charles Harry Eaton  
De Scott Evans   
Henry Augustus Ferguson  
Nancy Maybin Ferguson   
Hortense T Ferne  
Denman Fink   
John Fulton Folinsbee
Frederick Frieseke   Drawing in our current exhibition
Emmett John Fritz   Examples in our current exhibition   
Frederick Frary Fursman   
Daniel Garber   
Sanford Robinson Gifford   
Abbott Fuller Graves   
Emile A. Gruppé     Examples in our current exhibition  
Seymour Joseph Guy   
Johanna K Woodwell Hailman   
Alfred Hair   
Edward Wilbur Dean Hamilton   
Hamilton Hamilton   
Hildegarde Hume Hamilton  
James McDougal Hart  
William Hart  
George Harvey
Martin Johnson Heade  
Hermann Ottomar Herzog   
Isabel M Hickey   
George Frank Higgins  
G. Howard Hilder
Edward Hill  
George Hitchcock   
Harry Leslie Hoffman   
Felicie Waldo Mixter Howell   
Henry Salem Hubbell   
Wilson Henry Irvine  
Joseph Jefferson IV
Francis Coates Jones   
Hugh Bolton Jones  
Sergeant Kendall   
Leon Kroll   
Ernest Lawson   
Tod Lindenmuth
William Henry Lippincott   
Will Low  
Luigi Lucioni   
Joseph Lyman    
Ernest Lee Major  
Frank Convers Mathewson  
Katherine Hood McCormick
Charles Morgan McIlhenney  
Henrietta Dunn Mears   
Addison Thomas Millar   
Benson Bond Moore 
Hildegarde Muller-Ury 
Harold Newton   
Rhoda Carleton Holmes Nicholls   
George Loftus Noyes  
Roy Cleveland Nuse   
Mary Danforth Page
Pauline Lennards Palmer   
Walter Launt Palmer   
Misha Podryski  
Edward Willis Redfield  
William Trost Richards  
Horace Wolcott Robbins  
Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts
Dixie Selden
Frank Henry Shapleigh   Two examples In our current exhibition
Everett Shinn  
Adolph Robert Shulz
Hermann Gustav Simon  
Waunita Smith 
William Louis Sonntag  
George William Sotter   
Francesco J. Spicuzza
Anna Lee Dey Stacey   
Anthony Thieme   Example in our current exhibition  
Walter Whitcomb Thompson   
William Thorne  
Stacy Tolman
Alfonso T. Toran
Channel Pickering Townsley
Luther Emerson Van Gorder   
Paulette Van Roekens   
Louis Charles Vogt   
William Aiken Walker   
Martha Walter  
Elizabeth Vila Taylor Watson   
Guy Carleton Wiggins   
Irving Ramsey Wiles   
Catherine Wiley  
Ella Miriam Wood   
Laura Woodward 
Mabel May Woodward  Examples in our Current Exhibition  


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